My Journey to the South Rift. A first for me using the Transline Sacco. The journey takes you through Narok and Sotik before arriving at Kisii.

I’ve traveled to most towns in Kenya but I must admit Kisii Land is the land of milk and honey. There is every sense of life in this area. The vegetation is full of life, green and food is in plenty.


I asked a local if they have boreholes but he told me there is no need for one. They highly depend on rainwater. It hardly goes beyond two weeks without rainfall in this region of the country! I mean, how blessed are these people!


The food here is in plenty. When other areas in the country would complain of hunger and famine, the Kisii Land people would have neither of it. Food is so much they serve it in baskets, the rule here is everyone to eat as much as they want.

What I also noticed is the absence of Livestock. Land is maximized here such that there is no room to grow grass, hence no food for cows and sheep. You really have to understand how fertile these lands are for there not to be any room to allow grassland vegetation.

Well apart from the people’s humility, hospitality and generosity, I must say i really miss Kisii Land for its food. πŸ˜‹


Lambda was covering a wedding. Lambda is my camera.

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