These are pictures taken across England in the cities of Macclesfield, Canterbury, Chiswick and Westminster. We paid a visit to Glasgow a day before departure.

This is a monument built in the late 17th century to commemorate the great fire of London, 1666.


The London Bridge built on River Thames, 1830s.



The Iconic Tower Bridge we have all come across!



The Shard, a Qatar owned 95-story building seen from the London Bridge. Those of you who’ve been watching Al Jazeera have seen this sometimes. It’s the tallest building in the UK.


Sweet potato fries and burgers, yummy!


You won’t miss these telephone booths along the streets.



A play was about to start, along the streets. People are pretty chilled out here not compared to the Nairobi I Know.


Chiswick, sorry i couldn’t get to The Beatles!! 😉

Oh yes! The London eye! From the top, you can see the parliament, the bridge and River Thames.

This is Loch Lomond, Scotland. The highlands are home to the red deer and oak woodlands.


Lambda made the trip. Lambda is my camera!



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