KISAMES GIRAFFE CAMP (highropes & ziplining)

My website analytics tell me that there has been a lot of google searches about the Kisames giraffe camp which has lead them to my website. This tells me that people want to know where this place is. I am guessing the word has spread to far and beyond because the searches come from as far as the U.K and Norway and this is why I would not mind writing and displaying photos about this again.

A group of guys organised and assembled by the Elyzza tours and adventure set out to Ngong on the 6th of November as I gladly joined them. This is what I normally do on most of my weekends. I set out to a new place and meet new people which has helped me grow as a photographer through networking and exposing my skills to the people.

The Kisames giraffe camp is a recreational, team-building and camping site located right behind the Ngong hills. The prominent Standard gauge railway (SGR) by the Jubilee government will start its 2nd phase

SGR-pahes2-under construction-by-China-road-and-bridge

close to this wonderful place. We have several activities from high ropes to zip lining. I have always had people really appreciating the time they spent there when it comes to the end of the day. This are some of the photos showing how fun it was.



5 thoughts on “KISAMES GIRAFFE CAMP (highropes & ziplining)

  1. Hi tito..I can’t say enough ofor kisames. .it’s a wonderful place to privileged to have been there on 18th Feb 2017..a tour organised by Ellyza tours..
    your photos are amazing..Good job bro..when coming i was a stranger to everyone but after a few minutes the whole team were frinds. ..I miss the company..when had fun..
    people like Roy..kina ni wa ma dawa. .Alice. .brenda…caro the soldier…


    1. Hi Brandon i always go with Elyzza to kisames so maybe i was there on that day but i’m not sure but that is what happens on these excursions, you end up networking to a lot of people at the end of the day. its fun!!


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