Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill
Kenya’s-ant-gravity hill

It rains, the waters hit the ground and decide to defy gravity and flow uphill. Or take this, you are driving along the roads of Machakos County and you stop to take a pee or relax, and stretch your legs (it happens). But then you forget your car on free gear and before you know it, your car has somehow moved from where you are to 50m UP the slope of the road, and then wheels are still rolling meaning you have to chase it, get in and stop it before it decides to fly (no am joking it won’t fly). I am not talking about ‘Magneto’ deciding to teach you a lesson for leaving your car on free gear and neither have ‘Waterbenders’ decided to play God and gravity and let water flow uphill. This is exactly what happens within Machakos County.

Machakos peoples park

Tujionee Kenya Adventures, Bushthorn Adventures Kenya and 360 Adventures Kenya have been busy promoting the local tourism within this country and thanks to them, this anti-gravity phenomenon was no longer a story to me. This really happens!!360 Adventures Kenya


We did alight and with eager to witness this spectacular amazing and wonder of this MAGICAL land. On arrival there were no people nearby but as soon as the first person stepped out of the bus, people came rushing towards us holding bottle of water.

Our guide or illustrator of this happening arrived.

” kwa jina inaitwa Micheal Ndiku ama kama wenzangu wananijua “kasee”

KaseeTujionee Kenya Adventure

“…….so this place was discovered by a mzungu who lived not far from hapa. His car was over heated and he packed his car at that position there down the hill, and went to fetch water from the river down, on his return alipata gari ikiwa imesonga huko juu…..” It went on learning how the settler tried it and got amused but my best was the myth by the locals who live by.


“There were two men who lived in this area, they were twins and had married one wife, one was Kyalo (am surprised it is not spelt as sound ” chalo”) and the other Mwilu and they lived near each other divided by the river.

Tujionee Kenya Adventure


This beautiful lady could spend her night at the place of either the twin provided where darkness found her near……” It goes on and the lady gave birth to first a boy and later a baby girl, that the two men died (there are graves for them) and she went on to live in Lukenya so the force is believed it is the two men fighting for the baby girl (I don’t remember the story well since I was anxious waiting for the main event )


After the short story and myth, we walked down the hill and “kasee” powered all his water!!!

Get the exclusive video of the antigravity here

We took off to Machakos People Park





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