machakos People’s park aerial view


Machakos County. The first thing that comes to mind when ‘Mayakos’ is mentioned is the thought of a dry region,or on the better side the ‘Maendeleo ChapChap’ initiative being implemented by Hon. Alfred Mutua the Governor. I dint visit Mayakos for either of those but for the beautiful side of its nature.


Tujionee Kenya Adventures(check out there facebook page) was the team that organised the day’s excursion. We began with the park, a good place to chill,wine and dine,party,and the kids can also have lots of fun



the park is a good example of how this county is striving for better lives of its residents.



From here we headed to the Anti gravity hill where water literally defies gravity and flows uphill. This is astonishing. Should you leave your car on free gear,u would find it at the top of the road rather than down the road. A video of this is found on my youtube channel, link as follows click here>>Anti-Gravity Hill


Some locals at the anti-gravity hill.



Machakos is a unique place. The moment you leave Nairobi county, you notice flowers growing along the road towards Mlolongo. This is the same case as you approach the Machakos junction along the Mombasa road. I was surprised to see the flowers at an excellent condition even in the dry seasons indicating that the people in Machakos know what they are doing.

Thw people in Machakos town reside mainly on the steep contours of the several hills in that town. May may be attributed to the increasing population and the scarcity of land.

Make sure to check out  my youtube video,you will be amazed!!! Youtube channel link is below the web page.

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